Business Meetings for ORCNA XXXI

Here is your schedule of meeting dates for ORCNA XXXI Business.

Blue Mountain meetings begin at 12 pm. Following the admin meeting at 11 am.
GoToMeetings being at 10 am.

To Connect with GoTo meeting please contact the ORCNA chair at

August 12th : GoToMeeting
Sept 16th : Blue Mountain
October 14th : GoToMeeting
November 18th : Blue Mountain
December 16th : GoToMeeting
January 13th : Blue Mountain
February 17th : Blue Mountain
March 3rd : GoToMeeting
March 17th : 49 Ferris Lane Barrie, ON (kick off location)
Aprlil 7th : GoToMeeting
April 21st : Blue Mountain
April 28th : Blue Mountain
May 5th

May 12th

: GoToMeeting

:Blue Mountain